Alternative Risk/Captives

Explore options beyond traditional insurance


In today’s highly competitive, margin-driven market, it pays to explore the alternatives to traditional insurance. A thorough analysis of your overall insurance program can determine if your insurance program meets your business’s total risk appetite and aligns with your strategic business goals. After this analysis, we help you develop an optimized risk financing strategy.

How We Can Help

Brown & Brown’s Alternative Risk/Captives team takes an innovative approach to addressing your insurance cost, coverage and profit goals. Strategies to help meet those goals can include increasing risk retention through the use of a captive, increasing or decreasing limits of insurance, blending various lines of coverage in an integrated program, or possibly transferring more risk.

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  • Alternative risk consulting
  • Captives
  • Financial reporting
  • Audit and actuarial support
  • Policy review
  • Regulatory and domicile representations
  • Brokerage and analytics support
  • Critical analysis around risk retention
  • Captive feasibility studies
  • Business plan approval

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