Alison Wynne Expands Footprint of Hays Aviation

Hays Companies is pleased to share the recent industry accomplishments of Alison Wynne, Assistant Vice President of Hays Aviation.

Wynne was voted by a group of her peers as Treasurer of the Minnesota Business Aviation Association (MBAA). The MBAA serves to enhance communication between various aviation groups, most notably the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The NBAA’s membership is comprised of over 100 Minnesota-based organizations with a core business focused on aircrafts and aviation.

Following her term as Treasurer, Wynne will serve as Vice President for the MBAA chapter in 2020 and as the President in 2021. Notably, Wynne’s term officially marked the first time that a regional chapter of the National Business Aviation Association has had an all-female Board of Directors since its inception in 1947.

Wynne with her fellow Board of Directors

In addition to her new role as Treasurer, Wynne also serves on the Broker Committee of the Aircraft Builders Council (ABC). Since its founding in 1954, the Aircraft Builders Council program has provided aviation products liability insurance for the benefit of manufacturers in the aviation industry.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science Administration from Western Michigan University – College of Aviation and is an active instrument-rated Private Pilot.