Should the Delta Variant Impact Your Organization’s Vaccination Strategy?

The Delta variant―a new, more transmissible form of COVID-19 that is causing more severe disease―is spreading rapidly throughout the world and currently poses a threat mainly to the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated.

Updated EEOC Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Programs

Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated and expanded their technical assistance Q&A addressing employee rights and employer obligations under federal equal opportunity laws. Specifically, the updated guidance provides clarification for employers with questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination programs.

The Future of Virtual Care

Screen, Test, Trace & Immunize: Guidance and Resources for Employers

As the pandemic continues and organizations adapt to coexisting with COVID-19, employers are increasingly faced with the challenge of keeping their workforce safe. Employers must comply with state and local guidance on non-pharmaceutical measures to control COVID-19 (e.g., masks and social distancing), and they must develop and implement protocols to return their employees to the workplace safely.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Key Considerations for Employers

The U.S. has reached a milestone in its vaccination efforts, with new data showing that more than 25% of adults have been fully vaccinated and approximately 40 percent of adults and 75 percent of seniors have received at least one dose.

White House Releases Fact Sheet on Paid Time-Off Credits for Employees to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations

On April 21, 2021 the White House released a statement calling for all employers to offer full pay for employees receiving or recovering from COVID-19 vaccinations.

When Mental Health is a Family Affair

Emerging research suggests the COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the mental wellbeing of young people. Uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic, concerns about vulnerability to infection, continued physical distancing measures, and social and economic upheaval is driving increased anxiety and emotional stress for children and young adults. The research shows particular increases in clinginess, irritability, and fear in younger children—along with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and substance use in adolescents.

COVID-19 Employee Benefits Compliance Timeline

This year has brought forth significant regulatory & legislative changes due to COVID-19. Hays’ Research and Compliance Team has put together a COVID-19 Employee Benefits Timeline that highlights the rules and regulatory changes that you can use as a quick reference employer tool.