Podcast | Coffee & Compliance

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New Illinois Health Coverage Disclosure Requirement

Illinois has passed a law that imposes new disclosure requirements on employers that sponsor group health insurance. The law, known as Public Act 102-0630 or SB1905 (the “Act”), was enacted on August 27, 2021 and is effective immediately.

Recorded Webinar | Vaccination Incentives and Wellness Plans: Compliance Considerations from HIPAA Through Implementation

Vaccine incentives for employees and health plan participants have made headlines recently. Ultimately, most vaccine incentive programs will have to comply with the guidelines created for wellness plans, regardless of whether the incentive is a reward or a surcharge.

Washington State Partnership Access Line Fund (“WAPAL Fund”) Assessment

For several years, Washington State has had a “Partnership Access Line” (PAL) consisting of four state-organized psychiatric referral programs operated by the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Return to Workplace Anxiety

An American Psychological Association survey noted that nearly half of Americans (49%) feel uneasy about adjusting to in-person interaction once the pandemic ends.

Podcast | Benefits Breakdown

It’s no secret, employee benefits are complicated. We’re here to break things down and help you build a roadmap for your approach to benefits. Together with our expert guests, we’ll explore complex, counterintuitive, and compelling topics that give you a better understanding of the “whys” of the industry.

Recorded Webinar: ERISA – Fiduciary Obligations from MLR Rebates to Following the Terms of the Plan

Employers providing health and welfare benefits subject to ERISA must understand the responsibilities and standards of conduct that come with managing the plan and its assets. Join us as we break down the key administrative challenges and compliance obligations for ERISA fiduciaries.

Guidance on Health Plan Transparency Rules Delays Some Compliance Dates

On August 20, 2021, the DOL, IRS, and HHS (the “agencies”) issued FAQs (available here) addressing a number of the health plan transparency requirements found in the final regulations issued under the ACA last October and in the No
Surprises Act, which was enacted in late December 2020.

The Influential Extremes

6 Ways to Improve Open Enrollment

As fully remote workforces, hybrid models, and traditional in-office structures continue to evolve, open enrollment, whether done virtually or in person, has endured as an effective way to meet the needs of your workforce.