Brown & Brown, Inc. Announces Brand Unification for its Retail Segment

Brown & Brown, Inc. proudly announces all brands under its Retail segment will be unified under the brand name Brown & Brown as of Jan. 1, 2022.

COVID-19 Vaccine & The Role of Employers

Identifying the areas employer plan sponsors will need to contemplate as a vaccine becomes widely available.

The Future of Work: Maintaining and Building a Remote Culture

The impact of long-term remote work is far-reaching, with the potential to permanently change how business is conducted. As many employees are entering their sixth month of remote work, how you manage your workforce is as important now as it was when we abruptly went home in the spring. Your specific response will depend on your culture, employees and nature of your work. Paying close attention to your ongoing plan will aid in keeping employees engaged and in your company’s overall success.

Recorded Webinar: Workers’ Compensation Claims: 2020 and Beyond


Join Hays Companies for a presentation and discussion on how businesses can take a proactive approach to compensation claims.

Hazardous Energy Management: It Is More Than Control

Most of those in the safety field are familiar with the terms “control of hazardous energy,” “LOTO” or lockout/tagout. These have been a few of the names associated with company-specific written programs, compliance-based training curriculums, annual audits and regulatory documents on the subject for decades.

6 Steps to a Better Virtual Open Enrollment

Remote workers, tight budgets and heightened awareness of health have come together to make benefits communication increasingly important this year. If you are facing a virtual open enrollment environment and unsure where to start, here are additional strategies to improve your open enrollment, engage employees and bring in the human element.

Creating Empowering Benefits Communication Beyond Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is an essential time for most businesses. Not coincidentally, it is also the time when employees are paying the most attention to their benefits. The following strategies will help you leverage the momentum of open enrollment, along with your employees’ increased engagement, to build increased awareness and utilization in your benefits program.