IRS Tax Relief for Alabama and Mississippi Businesses Affected by Hurricane Zeta

Certain Mississippi and Alabama taxpayers who were affected by Hurricane Zeta (which began on October 28, 2020) may take advantage of tax deadline relief under IRS guidance. The extension includes Form 5500 filing deadlines for employer-sponsored employee benefit plans. George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson and Stone counties in Mississippi are currently included in the disaster relief area. Alabama businesses in Clarke, Dallas, Marengo, Mobile, Perry, Washington and Wilcox counties qualify for this relief as well.

State of the Market – Third Quarter

Hays Companies presents our Q3 State of the Market Trends. Our experts weighed in on trends that are affecting commercial insurance and risk management and delivered unique insight into the future. This succinct overview immediately dives into key changes in the marketplace and how that may impact your business.

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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Predicted this Weekend

This week, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have sent advisories regarding a cyber threat to hospitals and health care providers. The CISA, FBI, and HHS alert ( suggests there is credible information that a widespread ransomware attack using Ryuk, TrickBot, and other malware will take place this weekend. The threat actors are claiming that they are targeting 400 healthcare organizations. Experts suggest entities may already have the encryption malware on their systems, but the threat actors have not yet commanded it to activate.

Recorded Webinar: Workers’ Compensation Claims: 2020 and Beyond


Join Hays Companies for a presentation and discussion on how businesses can take a proactive approach to compensation claims.

Proactive Preparation For Civil Unrest and Rioting

The ability to gather and peaceably protest is a long-standing and treasured American tradition. License for citizens to express dissent and call for actual or perceived wrongs to be remedied is among the cornerstones of the American democratic system. Occasionally, emotion and fervor may escalate the peaceful protest into civil disorder and chaos.

The Top Five Misperceptions About Use of Electronic Logging Devices For Businesses

Technological improvements have made it possible for a business to monitor nearly all aspects of a truck’s daily activities. Speed, location, sudden braking and even the sharpness of turns may all be monitored and recorded. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are prudent for businesses using commercial trucks to monitor the risky activities of drivers. The use of ELDs is mandatory in many circumstances under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

Food & Agriculture Case Study: A Beef Processor’s Cost-Saving, Risk Mitigation Solution

Managing challenging risk in a difficult market puts a renewed emphasis on creative pre-loss strategies.
One of the largest beef processors in the United States hired Hays Companies to assist with their property insurance program. The client was a complex risk for insurers due to two unprotected processing facilities each with total insurable property values of more than $1 billion and business interruption exposures equating to more than $1.5 million per day. Hays Companies developed a property insurance program with more than twenty insurance markets in order to obtain sufficient capacity to provide an adequate loss limit.

Hurricane Impacts – The Aftermath

Large scale catastrophic events can have significant impacts on your business for many reasons. The most obvious is direct damage to your facilities, which can also result in impaired operations. However, there are many secondary issues that can have detrimental effects. Utilities (including power, water, sewer, gas, etc.) often become unreliable due to wind damage or flooding. Infrastructure can sustain damage, which impedes access to and from your facilities.