Recorded Webinar | Understanding Cargo and Warehouse Legal Liability

Watch our recorded webinar titled, “Understanding Cargo and Warehouse Legal Liability”, where we will cover the following topics:

Hurricane Impacts – The Aftermath

Large scale catastrophic events can have significant impacts on your business for many reasons. The most obvious is direct damage to your facilities, which can also result in impaired operations. However, there are many secondary issues that can have detrimental effects. Utilities (including power, water, sewer, gas, etc.) often become unreliable due to wind damage or flooding. Infrastructure can sustain damage, which impedes access to and from your facilities.

Hurricane Preparation | A Guide for Businesses, Homeowners & Boaters

Whether it’s your business or home, taking the necessary steps before, during and after a hurricane makes landfall is crucial to your safety and the well-being of your location. Download Hurricane Preparation: A Guide for Businesses & Homeowners so you’re better prepared when the time comes.

Hurricane Preparation and Recovery – Claims Guidelines

Following early reports that the 2020 hurricane season will be active, Hays is standing by to assist clients who have been affected; including those with facilities that have been directly impacted or are experiencing supply chain disruptions.

If this is an emergency, please contact our Emergency Claims Hotline at 1-844-239-4937 or via email at

Recorded Webinar: Understanding and Managing Your Company’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) and CAB Reports

Watch a recorded webinar titled “Understanding and Managing Your Company’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) and CAB Reports.” Topics covered include: