SolarWinds Hack: Perfect Storm Cyber Hurricane Or A Wake-UP Call Of What Could Come?

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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Predicted this Weekend

This week, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have sent advisories regarding a cyber threat to hospitals and health care providers. The CISA, FBI, and HHS alert ( suggests there is credible information that a widespread ransomware attack using Ryuk, TrickBot, and other malware will take place this weekend. The threat actors are claiming that they are targeting 400 healthcare organizations. Experts suggest entities may already have the encryption malware on their systems, but the threat actors have not yet commanded it to activate.

COVID-19 Considerations: Cyber Security and Remote Workforces

As more and more social distancing measures are enacted, employers are transitioning their workforce to remote workstations en masse. The COVID-19 outbreak is presenting a myriad of challenges, but for IT teams, specifically, equipping employees with the necessary tools and systems to maintain their productivity is uncharted territory.

Cyber Security’s Impact on the Manufacturing Industry

The United States is experiencing unprecedented low unemployment, forcing many in the manufacturing industry to consider other options to remain competitive, such as greater automation and reliance on innovation. While a turn towards smart operations will help streamline processes for many, manufacturers face inherent risks when implementing digital strategies.

Industry Report: The Current State of Cybercrime

No organization is immune to cybercrime. As criminals home in their hacking methods with more sophisticated techniques, a potentially catastrophic attack can hit even the most cautious companies. In Hays Companies’ new industry report, Vice President Dave Wasson details the threats companies face, who is at risk of an attack and how to prepare for an attempted hack.

Cyber Liability Update: Tax Season and W2 Phishing Scams

Most companies are familiar with phishing emails and train their employees to recognize suspicious emails sent from malicious actors. Less commonly discussed, however, are W2 scams that target human resources departments.

Will 2019 Be the Year of the Cybercriminal?

Consider this—in 2018, two of the five biggest cyberattacks in history occurred. Between the hacks on Marriott and Under Armour, criminals accessed the personal information of more than 650 million people. Cyber attacks also caused billions of dollars in lost revenue as hackers infiltrated everyone from mega-corporations to mom and pop shops.