Recorded Webinar | A Continuing Conversation About COBRA

While the regulatory response to the pandemic has created a lot of new areas of focus for Benefits and Human Resources Professionals, other pre-pandemic employee benefit rules remain in force.

Recorded Webinar | Understanding Cargo and Warehouse Legal Liability

Watch our recorded webinar titled, “Understanding Cargo and Warehouse Legal Liability”, where we will cover the following topics:

Recorded Webinar | The Hidden Intricacies of Benefit Notices

Plan administrators and group health plans face countless benefit-related notice requirements which often become difficult for employers to track. While notice obligations will depend on details such as the employer’s size, their status as fully or self-insured, and the various laws they are subject to, most of the requirements are not very complicated.

Recorded Webinar | Medicare: A Timeless Topic

With the aging of our workforce, Medicare plays a big role in health care coverage for many employees, spouses, and dependents. The impact of Medicare and your group health plans can be confusing to employers and employees alike.

Recorded Webinar | Vaccination Incentives and Wellness Plans: Compliance Considerations from HIPAA Through Implementation

Vaccine incentives for employees and health plan participants have made headlines recently. Ultimately, most vaccine incentive programs will have to comply with the guidelines created for wellness plans, regardless of whether the incentive is a reward or a surcharge.

Recorded Webinar: ERISA – Fiduciary Obligations from MLR Rebates to Following the Terms of the Plan

Employers providing health and welfare benefits subject to ERISA must understand the responsibilities and standards of conduct that come with managing the plan and its assets. Join us as we break down the key administrative challenges and compliance obligations for ERISA fiduciaries.

Recorded Webinar: The Evolving Employee Experience

As the unemployment rate continues to decline and many employees, current or potential, are examining their career choices, employers are engaging with a renewed focus to improve their overall employee experience.

Recorded Webinar: ERISA Reporting and Disclosure for Welfare Benefit Plans – Demystifying the Form 5500 Requirements

Each year, sponsors of health and welfare benefit plans are required to file Form 5500 unless a small plan or other regulatory exemption applies. The filing deadline is the last day of the seventh month after the end of the plan year – which for a plan operated on a calendar year basis is July 31st each year.

Recorded Webinar: Agency Answers to Questions About the ARPA COBRA Subsidies

The IRS recently released Notice 2021-31 which provides a set of FAQs regarding the COBRA subsidies under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).