Compliance Webinar | Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions

In today’s business environment, companies are frequently bought or sold.  Transactions can be structured as a stock sale, an asset sale, a merger of two companies who are forming a separate company, or a “spin-off” in which a part of an operating unit is separated from the former company and a new company is formed.  These types of transactions are collectively referred to as “Mergers and Acquisitions” (M&As).

Each type of M&A transaction has both unique and common elements that can affect employee health and welfare benefit plans.  Due diligence is required.  We will explore the administration and compliance considerations various types of M&A transactions have with respect to employee benefit plans.

This 1-hour webinar, presented by Hays Companies Research and Compliance Department, covers Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Other topics addressed include:

  • Due diligence process to ensure the company being acquired is compliant with ERISA, COBRA, the ACA and other federal laws;
  • Employer Shared Responsibility requirements (health care coverage offers and employer reporting) under the Affordable Care Act (ACA);
  • Implications of maintaining separate benefits post-transaction for M&A employees vs. integration; and
  • COBRA compliance; and
  • Certain state and local mandates

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