Employee Benefits and Compliance: Annual Review and Preparing for 2018

2017 was another eventful year for Employee Benefits and Compliance:

•       The House passed an ACA repeal and replace bill but the Senate failed to do so – we will discuss what this means.

•       Employers and health insurance carriers went through a second round of reporting of health care offers and coverage for 2016 – the reporting requirements are still “on the books.” What is the IRS doing about it?

•       The ACA and HSA out-of-pocket maximums for 2018 were updated – we will review these requirements and why plans need to know how these two laws interact.

•       Self-insured plans, essential health benefits (EHB) and benchmark plans are still tied to the ACA’s prohibition on lifetime and annual limits – maybe this is an area ready for a bipartisan update?

This webinar is an opportunity to get ready for 2018 and ensure you are in compliance with the laws and changes for the upcoming year.

Provided via the link below is a recorded presentation of the Hays Benefits Research and Compliance Department’s presentation Annual Review and Preparing for 2018.  Feel free to watch the recorded presentation at your convenience by clicking on the link, below. The presentation is approximately 40 minutes long.

Annual Review and Preparing for 2018