Hays Intern Selected as The Council Foundation Scholarship Recipient

The Council Foundation LogoKatie O’Keefe, a student at Drake University and a summer intern in the Hays Marketing Department, has been selected as a recipient of a $5,000 academic scholarship for the 2018-19 year academic year, as announced by The Council Foundation.

The Council Foundation has maintained a competitive scholarship program for over ten years, for which top interns are eligible to be nominated for a $5,000 scholarship, as part of their mission to bring fresh, diverse talent into the brokerage sector. O’Keefe is one of 75 college students across the country who received a Council Foundation scholarship this year.

Of her experience with Hays, O’Keefe stated:

I was initially attracted to Hays’ entrepreneurial work ethic and environment, but my overall experience greatly exceeded my expectations. From the first day with my team, I was treated as a valued team member, and my suggestions were never discounted because of my age or experience. I was given real projects to manage and advance, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped to expand my professional skill set.

As a result of my experience with Hays, I have more confidence in myself and a clearer vision for my career path. I look forward to applying the skills I developed to classwork and team projects in my final semester at Drake and beyond.

Here at Hays, a robust internship program has always been a vital part of our identity. We have a long-standing internship program, which last year gave 9 students the opportunity to experience our unique entrepreneurial culture. Our highly-developed program allows students to make meaningful contributions to our corporate identity by collaborating on a summer project that is implemented company-wide at the end of the summer.

At the same time, students are paired with a mentor in their department for the duration of their internship and given real deliverables to contribute to existing timelines as opposed to more basic “intern duties.”  They also enjoy access to high-level company executives and operate in an environment where they are treated as more than “just the intern.”

Hays has long understood that if an internship is successful, the intern in question is more likely to accept or pursue a full-time offer upon graduation. According to an article by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers, studies have demonstrated that “internships are the insurance brokerage industry’s most successful tool in the recruitment of college students.”  It is one of the many ways that we have continued to stay ahead of the curve when looking for and attracting the best young talent.