Is Your Company Utilizing an App for Open Enrollment?

As companies embrace a virtual open enrollment, the strategies to educate employees and promote open enrollment must likewise shift. A mobile app provides an array of solutions for common Human Resources communication challenges. Here are our top reasons for implementing an app that focuses on employee benefits:

Cut Through the Clutter

Think of how many emails employees receive on a given day, many of which are pressing and need immediate answers. With the demands of clients and management, internal communications many emails go unread, which proves costly during open enrollment. With a mobile app, HR departments can send text notifications directly to mobile devices to alert employees to take action and call attention to pressing information during open enrollment.

Provide Vital Education

Many Americans lack basic knowledge of the health care system, a fact that costs both time and money. A 2019 survey showed that less than a third of respondents could correctly define the insurance terms for copay, deductible and premium. The same survey reported that 27% of respondents avoided treatment because they were uncertain of their coverage. Despite this lack of understanding of key insurance terms and coverage, most employees spend 30 minutes or less reviewing critical materials before open enrollment.

With simple, user-friendly navigation, mobile apps can help educate employees about the often-overlooked aspects of their health plan options. Education is a critical component for employees normally, and COVID-19 amplifies the need for greater education around benefits.

Create a Unified Message

If you have multiple offices in numerous states, a mobile app can be a one-stop-shop to help deliver a clear and unified message across the organization.

Provide Benefit Information to Families

An app removes barriers to benefit information and allows spouses and family members easier access health care details outside of an intranet. This increased access provides more opportunities for families to make informed, educated health care decisions.

Increase Employee Retention

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, organizations are trying to retain high-performing employees and demonstrate their commitment to employees’ health and safety. Since benefits are an essential aspect of total compensation, HR departments benefit from enhanced virtual communication methods to ensure everyone – in all five generations in the workforce – understand their full value gained through compensation and benefits and have access through modern, digital communication channels.

For example, in a 2019 survey, employees who chose a new value-added benefit credited the employer for using a variety of communication methods to inform them of the benefit offering. Adding an app to your communication strategy may increase the utilization of benefits. In turn, this may increase the perceived value of benefits and increase employee satisfaction.

Explore an App for Your Company

If adding digestible benefits information, an approachable platform and increasing employee engagement fits in with your open enrollment goals, we encourage you to reach out to learn more.

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