ERISA Myths and Misconceptions:
Ben and Nick discuss the many common mistakes and misunderstandings that plan sponsors have about ERISA, such as what actually constitutes a Summary Plan Description and who has to get it. Topics covered include:

  • Mistaken beliefs about ERISA exemptions
  • The difference between an SPD and the certificates and policies that plan sponsors often provide in their stead
  • What are the actual distribution requirements?
  • What are the reasons for ERISA compliance beyond fear of a DOL audit?

Wellness Plans and Their Moving Pieces:
Ben and Nick discuss the current regulatory state around wellness plans, provide a slight update, and talk about the moving compliance pieces that employers need to take into consideration. Topics covered include:

  • Background on where all of the wellness rules came from
  • The current status of the EEOC’s ADA wellness rules
  • What’s the issue with offering a wellness plan to employees that aren’t on the health plan?
  • Is there a “safe way” to design a wellness plan?

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