Medicare is the Secondary Payer. Usually.
Ben and Nick have their first guest, Gina Schreiber from The Advocator Group, on to discuss the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Rules and how they can trip up plan sponsors. Topics covered include:

  • When and how do the MSP rules apply?
  • What plans are subject to the MSP rules?
  • What are some easily missed violations of the MSP rules?

Misconstruing Medicare
Gina Schreiber is back to talk to Ben and Nick about Medicare.  This time, they talk about Medicare from the individual’s perspective and touch on some of the common Medicare misconceptions that they see on a regular basis. Topics covered include:

  • Times that an individual may unknowingly incur late sign-up penalties for Medicare
  • The integration of when Medicare coverage becomes effective and how it impacts HSA contribution eligibility
  • Common misnomers up the cost and level of coverage provided by Medicare

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