Ramblings About ERISA Preemption

Nick, Amanda, and Dan discuss the exotic topic of ERISA preemption, how it’s played out with state laws in the past and where it could go in the future. Topics covered include:

  • How does ERISA preemption help plan sponsors?
  • Why isn’t the question of whether or not a state law is preempted an easy question to answer?
  • What can a plan sponsor do to help navigate the patchwork of state laws that may or may not be preempted?

Closing Out 2021 & Getting Ready For 2022

Nick, Amanda, and Dan discuss the different tasks and considerations that plan sponsors need to take care of to close out their 2021 cleanly while putting their best foot forward in 2022. Topics covered include:

  • Updating §125 plans for COVID-19 related changes, if necessary, by 12/21/21.
  • W-2 aggregate cost of coverage reporting as well as prepping for 1094-C and 1095-C reporting.
  • Why it may be helpful to get plan amendments out ahead of time.

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