The Supreme Court Says the ACA is Here to Stay (Kind Of)

Ben and Nick discuss the recent dismissal by the Supreme Court of a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Topics covered include:

  • Background on the litigation and an explanation of the Court’s dismissal of the lawsuit
  • What does the Court’s decision mean for plan sponsors going forward?
  • Why the Court’s decision may not be the end of ACA litigation and challenges
  • What future ACA litigation may look like

Compliance Considerations Surrounding High Cost Claimants

Ben and Nick discuss the often missed, or sometimes ignored, compliance issues that come up when a health plan is dealing with perennial high cost claimants.  Topics covered include:

  • Why high cost claimants are so prevalent these days
  • Avoiding HIPAA violations when dealing with high cost claimants
  • Possible plan design approaches to discuss with legal counsel to deal with rising health plan costs

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