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Your business should always plan for unknown risks. Hays will help you navigate the path ahead.

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Property & Casualty Services Include

The risks facing your company property are growing. Through data analytics, efficient workflow and advanced reporting capabilities, Hays will help you understand potential exposures. We understand the nuances of property insurance — from natural disaster protection to complex supply-chain insurance—and can leverage our expertise to your benefit.

Protection of your property assets is more than just mitigating damages or disaster. It’s about protecting your future. Through long-standing relationships with insurance carriers, Hays works to identify the potential spectrum of risks to help avoid any missed or excluded elements from your insurance policies.

Through long-standing relationships with insurance carriers, Hays finds the right insurance for your property.

Service Areas:

  • Engineering Services
  • Inland Marine
  • Ocean Marine
  • Builders Risk
  • Property/Boiler and Machinery

Liability covers you and your business from losses. There are many different types of exposures businesses can encounter.  We’ll help you customize this critical category of risk management insurance to fit your specific needs.

In addition to mainstream general, professional and product insurances, our experts can do a thorough review of more high profile special risks created by professional and management activities.

Service Areas:

  • General Liability
  • Automobile
  • Workers’ Compensation / Employers Liability
  • Excess / Umbrella Liability
  • Specialty Placements – M&A facilitation, Discontinued products, Program buy outs
  • Alternative Markets, Captives, Risk Retention Groups, Purchasing Groups

Risk management control starts with company culture. Hays offers safety training along with a thorough loss analysis to identify injury trends and loss control solutions.

Hays implements risk control programs to minimize the probability and severity of loss. By identifying potential hazards and exposures, you’ll have the informational necessary to control uncertainty, helping you mitigate disaster.

Despite the best-laid plans, claims may still be filed. Hays works on your behalf to control the situation by developing a clear action plan that assists with settlement, mediation and negotiation.

To manage workers’ compensation, companies need to look to the future. Day one, week one, month one, how will you reduce costs and the number of accidents your people face? With Hays, the answer lies at the intersection of health, wellness and safety.

Hays performs a holistic operational assessment to help reduce workers’ compensation costs by identifying applicants who engage in high-risk behavior. Our qualitative and quantitative analyses can lower the number of claims and potential litigation while getting employees back to work faster.

Lawsuits against your company are a real threat to business continuity. And a major claim can extend beyond the boardroom to the personal assets of senior management, directors and officers. Through an underwriting exposure analysis, Hays helps identify the potential individual risk factors that define your company in the eyes of insurance carriers and underwriters.

Service Areas:

  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions
  • Crime/Fidelity
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion

Cyber criminals are evolving, using more sophisticated techniques to disrupt businesses across the U.S. and around the globe. Malware, ransomware and social engineering represent real threats to your company and your employees.

Criminals have gone digital, and you can no longer ignore the increased risks you face online. Without the proper security, you could face business disruption, loss of data or breaches in client information. Hays’ cyber experts can help you understand your exposure and suggest a plan of action based on your needs.

Multinational companies face a complicated maze of insurance laws and regulations. When your operations and employees span across the globe, you need flexible benefits and risk management options that travel with your business.

Hays is a member of the Worldwide Broker Network, the world’s largest international group of independent brokers, risk management and employee benefits consultants. Clients around the world trust Hays to handle their complex international insurance plans.

Metadata and precision reporting have changed the way companies address risk management. Computer modeling predicts the severity potential of a Workers’ Compensation claim at various points in its life-cycle. Real-time dashboards can give you a better sense of your pain points as they occur.

Hays’ team of data scientists and actuaries built a custom predictive model for more efficient risk management. Information about every incident is collected and measured to assess the severity of a claim, allowing you to prepare for the next steps and mitigate future accidents.

Uncertainty is always around the corner, and simply tolerating the possibility of an accident or incident is not enough. The best companies plan and manage their risk exposure to ensure lower cost and efficient coverage should disaster strike. That’s why Hays provides risk management consulting to employers, insurance carriers and third-party administrators.

Through detailed research and analysis, Hays creates an individualized approach to risk management. Risk control, claims management and information systems work in tandem to prevent and control loss potential, manage claims as they occur and adjust your course of action during the year.

The Hays Surety team has a broad base of knowledge to serve contractors, commercial businesses and financial institutions. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, you need a surety partner who can minimize the burden and demands placed on you.

Hays has experience managing contract, non-contract and international bonds. You’ll see reduced cost through a state-of-the-art online platform, and your dedicated surety team will provide a high level of support that Hays customers have come to expect.

Group insurance programs have the upside of strength in numbers. That means more certainty, better coverage and lower costs.

Hays designs specialty insurance programs to fit the group and its members. With customized solutions and services including due diligence, proprietary web-based communications platforms and rating parameters, Hays delivers better coverage while controlling costs for individuals.

Property & Casualty

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