Hurricane Preparation and Recovery – Claims Guidelines

Hays is standing by to assist clients who have been affected by Hurricane Dorian; including those with facilities that have been directly impacted or experiencing supply chain disruptions. If this is an emergency, please contact our Emergency Claims Hotline at 1-844-239-4937 or via email at Hays has the expertise to support you with navigating the complicated […]

Why Businesses Across the Country Should Prepare for Hurricane Season

The 2018 U.S. hurricane season was catastrophic, causing more than $50 billion in damages and 173 fatalities. It took months for business in affected regions like Florida, North Carolina and Georgia to recover from wind and flood damage. While the devastation and destruction were felt most acutely on the Atlantic coast, the impact of two major storms—Hurricanes Michael and Florence—reverberated across the U.S.

What’s Next After Hurricane Florence?

Hays is here to help. When trying to clean up the damage caused by a storm of this magnitude, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. We have you covered with our dedicated disaster recovery team. After receiving the official announcement from authorities that it is safe to return and you find you have […]