On-Demand Webinar: Medicinal Marijuana and Workers’ Compensation

State workers’ compensation regulations are becoming more complex due to the legalization of recreational marijuana in 10 states and medical marijuana being prescribed more often for pain management.

Why Medicinal Marijuana Makes Workers’ Compensation Claims Tricky

Marijuana is now legal for medicinal purposes in 34 states and recreational use in ten. There is a shifting tide of opinion regarding the use of cannabis, as more states and municipalities are pushing for legalization and even retroactive criminal sentence reductions. This sentiment is making workers’ compensation claims involving marijuana a minefield for employers due to lawsuits in several states.

Upcoming MN Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Benefit Increase Effective 10/1/2018

A new bill hailed as the most comprehensive workers’ compensation legislation in the last twenty years was recently signed into law in Minnesota. Following both houses’ unanimous approval, Governor Mark Dayton also gave the bill his signature on May 20th. The bill, H.F. 3878, included recommendations from the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council, a group comprised […]