Updated DOL Guidance on Indexed Statutory Penalties for ERISA Plans

On January 15, 2019, the US Department of Labor issued pre-publication guidance on the indexed statutory penalties for certain violations applicable to ERISA welfare plans, under the Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. The 2019 inflation-adjusted penalties that are applicable to health and welfare plans for 2019 include (but are not limited to) the following key compliance items:

The DOL inflation-adjusted penalties for violations of various other labor and employee benefits laws are also addressed in the updated guidance and will be published shortly in The Federal Register. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Federal Mine Safety and Health Act
  • ERISA (with respect to qualified retirement plans)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
  • Wage and Hour (Fair Labor Standards Act, Immigration & Nationality, Public Service Contracts Act, FMLA)
  • Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP)

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