Industry Guide: Reporting Near Misses in the Construction Workplace

Most safety professionals agree that a facility or site audit would uncover at least one near miss condition or scenario at any time, on any day.

In the construction industry, near miss incidents are common occurrences where an accident was narrowly avoided. They’re also a precursor to more dangerous and expensive events. Tracking near misses can help companies reduce the number of incidents by monitoring when and where potential hazards take place. In Hays Companies’ new white paper, Senior Vice President Abby Ferri details:

  • How to start a near miss reporting program
  • Why it’s so important
  • The impact it could have on your company’s bottom line

Construction firms differ in their level of safety reporting sophistication. Some may need to start from the ground up, while others can quickly implement a near miss program. No matter where you are on the spectrum, treat near misses like incidents by recognizing and recording everything.

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